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One thing we know for sure is that a lot is expected of teachers. Teachers wear a lot of hats, they model manners, advocate for their students' education, are constantly adapting to stay up to date with curriculum and policy. They focus their energy on fostering a love of learning, help resolve issues and create unity in the classroom, ensure that their students are clothed and fed. They are a helping hand, a coach, an enricher, and a team captain for their classroom.

Teachers do all of these things... so, ultimately, what is a teacher? I would argue that teachers really are the best leaders. Check out some of these definitions of leaders and you'll see what I mean!

Leadership is about much more than stature or position. Leadership is about influencing the lives of others in positive ways and helping point them in a direction that will succeed. I know that is what teachers are meant to do. When you sign up to be a teacher, you sign up to truly change the live of others. You can do this.

Being a leader is not easy, but it is worth it. Maybe not every student will be your best friend and maybe not every parent will see eye to eye with you, but your leadership attributes and influence will be imprinted on those who need it most.

Want to learn more about how to be a leader through teaching? Check out or meet with an ambassador to hear personal experiences.

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