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Zoom University

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

As summer begins we are now starting yet another, completely online semester. We thought it would be helpful to share some of our most valuable tips and tricks we have found over the past couple of months!

Successful Study Space

Designating one place where you'll do your online meetings really helps with your focus and concentration. By being at that spot, your brain associates the area with a place you study and work. When choosing a place for zoom meetings, make sure it's comfortable enough that you can sit there for a period of time, but not too comfortable that you'll fall asleep, as I'm sure we sometimes want to do during classes. Make sure it is a place that you can focus and dedicate your time to your zoom meeting.

Zoom classes are a pain without good WiFi. If you have WiFi problems, maybe connect to an ethernet cable, download course materials before classes, or if possible turn off your camera to improve connection. If it's not your home, make sure it's somewhere safe with limited people, has strong WiFi, and a place you can be comfortable. If connection issues are simply impossible to avoid, just keep your professor updated and see the recording of the class as there are always alternatives.

Successful Online Learning

One of the most important things to do when you get ready for Zoom meetings is to eliminate distractions. By moving your phone into another room, turning off the TV, and putting your computer on Do Not Disturb, you minimize the chances of getting distracted. It takes discipline to stay focused when your home was originally a place you relaxed away from school, so do what helps you focus best!

Scheduling meetings with your professors or TA's is also a very helpful tool when sometimes you just don't understand something taught via webcam. If the professor isn't available, meet with your peers in a study group. This way, you can talk about questions from class, get help about things that are confusing, work on projects, and have some social interaction. Get to know people in your class, communicate, and be proactive with your study groups.

Lastly, it's good to speak up in zoom meetings just how you would if you were at BYU. Sometimes it feels a little intimidating since we aren't all physically together, but it is so helpful so professors and staying engaged in Zoom meetings. A good way to stay focused and engage in meetings is by taking notes. It can be on your computer or pencil and paper, but it's important to do something that helps you invest in the class.

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