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Teaching Movie Gallery!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Quite often, future educators have an educator in their past who made them want to be a teacher. Whether that teacher was an example of who you want to be or an example of who you do not want to be, they are there and have made an impact on your life. Many movies have been made about these types of influential educators. We spent some time gathering some of the greatest teaching movies we could think of to inspire you! Life is stressful... so sit back, relax, and enjoy a teaching movie! Here are some suggestions below:

From The Hallmark Hall of Fame Collection, Beyond the Blackboard is about a 24 year-old first year teacher, Stacey Bess, who found herself teaching K-12 in a homeless shelter. Through a series of events, Ms. Bess works to help her students and their parents rise to their potential. She uses the strengths of those around her to help these students get the education they deserve. Also, Beyond the Blackboard takes place right here in Utah! This movie is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and more.

Matthew Perry stars in this inspirational film as Ron Clark, an elementary school teacher in North Carolina. He senses a great responsibility to help students outside of his hometown so he picks up his stuff and moves to New York City. There he finds a job where is able to help difficult students who are in a school system that is leaving them behind. Even when his job is on the line, Ron Clark continues to fight for the proper education of his new students in NYC. The Ron Clark Story is free with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video or can be rented through other sites.

Set in 1969, The Water is Wide is an inspirational film about Pat Conroy, a teacher who takes a two year position on the island of Yamacraw, a small impoverished island off the coast of South Carolina. This exciting and passionate teacher helps the children in the school have as close to normal of an education as possible despite several setbacks. He challenges the administrators and fights for equal education for the people of Yamacraw. This movie is for FREE through an Amazon Prime Video subscription and it can be found on YouTube as well!

During a time of intense racial conflict at a school in Los Angeles, Erin Gruwell steps up to teach high school students who have a lot of "baggage" to carry. To help her students acknowledge what is going on in their lives she uses reading and writing material to help her students express their feelings. Over time, the students are united because of the positive influence of their teacher. Journal writing is the main theme of the movie and how teachers can make a difference by getting to know their students. Freedom Writer's can be found through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or for FREE by checkout at the BYU Library.

This Oscar winning film stars Robin Williams, playing John Keating, an English teacher at an all boys preparatory school set in the 1950s.

Mr. Keating uses almost unorthodox techniques to help his students break out of their shells and "seize the day." Dead Poets Society can also be found for FREE by checkout at the BYU Library and through other rental sites.

Brad Cohen, a man who has Tourette’s Syndrome, fights to make his dream of being a teacher come true despite prejudice and judgment he faces. The movie shows his challenges of going through school as well as how he succeeds as a teacher and inspires his students to accomplish great things. Front of the Class can be checked out at the BYU Library or purchased through other sites.

There are so many great movies out there to occupy the time! This list is just the beginning and we hope you enjoy these inspirational teaching messages!

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