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Did you miss our lunch panel?

On Thursday, January 23rd we had our first Career in Education lunch panel in our 3 part series of panels! Did you miss our lunch panel? Do you absolutely love JDawgs (especially when it is free)? Here are some of the highlights from the participants of our Elementary Education/ECE Panel:

  • BYU will help prepare you for your career in education! ELED faculty member Jenni Wimmer said, "We have a lifelong learning goal. We believe in learning into the eternities. You understand that when you become a teacher.”

  • Get a minor in something you are interested in or incorporate your interests in your teaching. For example, ELED student Taylon Mann has a minor in dance!

  • Some options for what to do with your education degree: teach (of course!), become an advisor, attend graduate school, work in curriculum development, etc.

  • We need YOU! Jenni Wimmer said, “We need a variety of humans to teach our tiny humans… It is not simple. It is not easy. It is complex and difficult, but you will be around people who are pursuing the same goals.”

  • Greatest reward of teaching according to Alpine school teacher Heidi Doel is seeing children find success, being a "rockstar" to the students, and seeing growth in your students!

The upcoming special education panel will feature the Provo City School District's Director of Special Education, Alpine School District's Director of Social Emotional Well-being K-6, professors from BYU such as Beth Cutrer, students in the McKay School, and more! Bring your questions to ask these panelist members so you can further explore a major in special education here at BYU.

Come check out our upcoming panels to learn more!

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