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Welcome to BYU's McKay School of Education!

Updated: May 19, 2021


It has been a while since admission letters have been sent out, but we are still just as excited to have so many new students coming to BYU in 2021! We are even more pumped to hear just how many of you are pre-majors in the McKay School!

Being accepted to BYU is no easy feat, and we are so stoked to meet you next semester. We know you have worked so hard and done everything possible to get here.

I remember when I was first accepted to BYU, and after the initial feeling of elation, I recall feeling a little overwhelmed. I felt like there was SO much to do! I had to pack my whole life into a couple of suitcases, sign up for classes, meet new people, get my ID card, apply to the education program, move into my apartment, start cooking for myself, find a place to do my laundry, go grocery shopping...

...find my classes on campus, buy books for classes...

...figure how out to navigate the HUGE library, talk to academic advisors...

...the list goes on & on!

You, like me, may be a bit nervous anticipating what is to come. I don't know, maybe you’re just excited, but either way, we are here to make your time at BYU more engaging, entertaining, and easier. Even though it may seem like there is a LOT to get done, it is totally doable. So, don’t worry about a thing. We’re here for you at the McKay School!

We will cover several topics including in-depth information about the McKay School and about BYU on this blog throughout the summer. You can check out our past blog posts as well! We want to help you in anyway that we can. If you want to know more follow us on Instagram, or shoot us an email!

Congrats on your acceptance, and see you soon!

McKay School Student Ambassadors

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