BYU's Top Online Resources for Students

June 16, 2020


We know that people are still adjusting to online learning and new students are going to start their education journey a little differently than how they expected. To help everyone adjust we wanted to provide some BYU resources that students can still use from home since we can't all be on campus right now. There are so many remote sources from different BYU departments that are really helpful such as the Writing Center, Office of Information Technology (OIT), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and many others. Under each department, all of the resources listed are linked to their website! This isn't the full extent BYU's online resources, but some of the most helpful that we have found. 


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) tips for mental health

- Exclusive BYU services

- For students in crisis

- Stress busters 

- Self-help resources

- Coping with COVID-19


HBLL: Harold B. Lee Library

- Software training

- Affordable course materials


Research and Writing Center: Help with editing, writing, and generating ideas for big papers

- Appointments


- Handouts


Office of Information Technology (OIT): IT help and downloadable resources

- Box

- Office 365

- Campus operators for tech support


Enrollment Services: For questions about financial aid, registration, and student accounts

- Financial aid

- Registration questions

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