Fun Things to do in Provo

October 24, 2018

Looking for some more fun stuff to do? Here's a list of cool things to check out around Provo!


1. The Velour 

In the mood for music? Want to see the stage that big shot bands and musicians (like Imagine Dragons) started on? For only $2 you can watch local artists (and students!) perform at the Velour theater. From singing to guitar, go cheer on your local musicians in a relaxing environment with friends!  


2. The Soap Factory

Located right on Center street, you can come make your own soaps at the Soap Factory! Go crazy with Star Wars themed soap, flowers, legos, movie characters, or whatever you want! Choose your own mold, scents, textures, and colors and bring home some super sweet new soaps!


3. Karaoke Bar

Get your sing on at Heart and Seoul karaoke, located right on Center Street! Bring a group of friends, or go meet some new people to crush the classics and sing your heart out!


4. Get out Games

Have fun trying to escape different themed rooms in under an hour! Race the clock by finding clues, making connections, and using your teams brain power to get out before the zombie gets you! This is a great group activity where you can get discounts for larger groups!


5. Disco Skating 

This is actually in Orem, so a little further away, but worth the trip! Every Saturday at 9 pm the Classic Skating Rink cranks the lights down low and brings out the disco ball for an era of Disco night! Grab your skates and hit the rink with your best disco moves!



Have more suggestions of fun things to do in Provo? We want to hear about it! Comment below :) 

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