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Why I Chose Education: Alex Llanas

Updated: May 12, 2023

8-year-old me would be so proud of how far I have come from the little girl who dreamed of someday being a teacher and played teacher any second she could, with her friends or her stuffed animals. As a little girl, my dream of becoming a teacher was because of the exemplary teachers around me, who gave me a voice even when I felt as though I had none. As an English language learner with very few resources, I experienced the power of a quality education firsthand, and it changed my world. The quality education I received through grade school gave me the resources to achieve what I could only dream of, like attending BYU and being two semesters away from graduating from the McKay School of Education!

All of this wouldn't be possible without teachers, who individually and collectively are not only changing the world, but improving it by teaching future generations. Teachers open our eyes to the millions of possibilities around us and give us resources to explore those possibilities. In the eyes of many children, including 8-year-old me, teachers are real-life superheroes with many great powers. The superheroes in my classrooms growing up made me realize that I too can be a superhero, which influenced the choice I make today to be the best educator I can be.

Today, I continue to be passionate about education and want to help students develop a love for learning and help them find their lifelong passions! As I continue my practicum experiences and move on to my student teaching and soon my own classroom, I hope to one day see the impact I have made not only within those students, but in the world around them.

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