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What I Learned this Week: Elementary Education

I love my McKay School classes and feel like I learn something new every time! Here's what a couple of our McKay School students discovered this week:

Bethany (Junior) - "In my Writing 313 class we're learning about how to write resumes and cover letters, which I know is going to be super useful once I start applying for jobs. I've already learned so many good tips for presenting myself in the best light at future job interviews. In my Math Ed 306 class we've been learning more about fractions and how kids interpret which fractions are larger/smaller. It's been so fun to try to remember what it's like to be a 3rd grader as I work through all the math equations. I feel like I'm learning so many useful teaching methods that I can't wait to apply to my own classroom someday!"

Valery (Senior, Student Teaching) - "Today I learned about the importance of being empathetic as a teacher. I think an empathetic teacher is one who validates their students' feelings, someone who truly listens and helps that student feel heard and understood. There was a student in my class who was crying in the morning when she got to school because she was missing her mom. I was going to just say something comforting like, 'you'll see her later today after school,' and move on, hoping she would move on once we started learning. However, I felt like I should ask some questions to better understand why she was feeling sad about missing her mom. I quickly learned that her parents are divorced and she hasn't seen her mom in a while. I think that asking questions and listening to her helped her know that I care about her. I was able to say the appropriate things that were actually comforting to her, and she felt better because I was empathetic."

To learn more about joining the Elementary Education major, set up a time to meet with a Mckay School Ambassador at this link.

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