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What Annie Jacobson has learned about teaching from the Master Teacher

The Savior is and has always been the Master Teacher. He is the perfect example of patience, humility, advocacy, and love. As I move through my education, I am consistently reminded of how important it is to rely on my Savior and His example.

Jesus Christ, Exemplar

As I thought about my Savior and the perfect example He sets for His followers, I was reminded of how I am an example to students in my classroom. I am very far from being a perfect example, but I am placed in the classroom to provide students with guidance. Through learning about and coming closer to my Savior, I have learned that He is always there to help guide the way. I want to always strive to be kind, hardworking, and enthusiastic in my classroom in order to be a good example to my students. I hope that as I work towards this goal, my students will feel the warmth that I feel from my Savior's perfect example.

Jesus Christ, Advocate

Jesus Christ is also our Advocate. A big part of being an educator is advocating and standing up for your students and advocating for their individual needs, interests, and struggles. I am thankful for the blueprint that the Savior has provided to me for how to advocate for students.

Jesus Christ, Empath

Lastly, Jesus Christ is an empath. I have learned from my Savior that I am not above anything or anyone in my classroom. Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to feel my Savior beside me through hard times and trials. As an educator, I believe I have the same opportunity to be that empath for my students. I know the Savior is an amazing teacher because he has divine empathy and knows how to support us in out trials (see Alma 7:11–12; Doctrine and Covenants 88:6). As I strive to model my life after my Savior and His ability to empathize, I know that my students will feel loved and supported in my classroom.

There are endless things to learn from our Savior about being a good educator. I am eternally thankful for Jesus Christ and the example he is to me in all things.

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