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Welcome Back to The McKay School!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Although it's sad that the break is over, we are so happy to see the McKay School students back on campus! We want to extend a warm welcome to students who are new to our college and hope that you find great joy in learning, teaching, and having positive experiences here. We are so excited for those of you who will be starting practicum this semester and student teaching!

As many of you know, in the McKay School, "We strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, as we prepare professionals who educate with an eternal perspective." This is from our McKay School mission.

We pray that as you ponder what this statement means to you, you will see your important role in the world of education. You have the potential to be a benefit for the world, and the McKay School can help you reach that potential.

In the McKay School there are student ambassadors representing the different programs offered. We are here to promote The McKay School across campus, meet with students who have questions about the different majors and help students feel connected.

This semester we are starting something new! It's called Afternoons with Ambassadors. During the school week, an ambassador will be hanging out in the TEC Lab (MCKB 180). Feel free to come by to meet us and ask us any questions about the McKay School programs.

We will be in the Tec Lab:

Monday: 2pm-4pm

Tuesday: 3pm-5pm

Wednesday: 2pm- 4pm

Thursday: 3pm-5pm

Friday: 3pm-5pm

We're so excited to meet you and hope that you have a great semester!

To schedule a meeting with a student ambassador, click here.

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