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Service Opportunities in the PETE Program

Updated: May 10, 2023

The Physical Education Teaching/Coaching Program here at BYU has many opportunities to get involved and serve within the community. One of the first service opportunities that are built into the practicum of classes is to shadow a coach of a sport you are wanting to coach. When shadowing, you are helping and serving the coach and team as much as possible. It is a cool and unique opportunity to get to know the surrounding community and serve those around you.

Apart from the PETE Program, there are many service opportunities via Y-Serve that go hand-in-hand with what the PETE program teaches. The PETE 461 class, which is

about integrating students with disabilities into the classroom, helps prepare you for service opportunities such as "Kids on the Move." There are other service opportunities that Y-Serve provides such as Best Buddies, Boys and Girls Club, and Junior Nutrition Academy that embody all of the lessons learned throughout the PETE Program.

Being able to serve others in the community, especially via the concepts you are learning within the classroom is a unique experience. It is an opportunity to practice your teaching and coaching skills in a real-life situation, outside of the classroom. If you are wondering about how to get involved and serve those around you, the PETE Program can help equip you with the right tools and resources.

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