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Scholarships in the McKay School

Did you know that $2.3 million were awarded to students in the McKay School of Education and secondary education teaching majors in scholarship money last year? I'll write that out again... $2.3 million was given directly to future educators to get the high quality education that BYU offers! And what did all of that money do? Well, every single person who applied for a scholarship received money to cover their tuition through McKay School scholarships. If students had partial scholarship through the University's general fund, then the McKay School awarded enough money to cover the tuition costs. This means that some students received partial scholarships from the McKay School, but they were awarded so that everyone had tuition covered, either through the McKay School funds or through a combination of McKay School funds and general funds from the University. That's a huge blessing to be able to say that all students had tuition covered for the year!

If that's not incentive enough to apply for the next round of scholarships, let me tell you how easy it is to apply for them.

What you'll need to do is spend less than 30 minutes to fill out FAFSA for 2023-2024. Click this link to watch a short video on how to fill out FAFSA. Next, submit your McKay School scholarship application by March 1st, 2023 which takes about 10 minutes. The opening date is set for December 1, and for more information click the link here.

The McKay School Ambassadors have each been awarded scholarships that have greatly blessed our lives.

Alex Llanas

"As a first generation college student, scholarships allow me to move one step further in pursuing my aspirations of being a future teacher. I have been blessed to receive full tuition scholarships multiple times as a McKay School student, and without them it would not be possible to be here at BYU furthering my education. To apply for all the McKay School scholarships, you will only need to complete one quick form with some basic information before March 1st. The process may seem daunting, but it is actually quite simple, and your advisors can also help guide you!"

Bethany Gold

"I recently received a scholarship through the McKay School. I was accepted into a study abroad program just a little bit ago, but I had no idea how I was going to pay for it. I remember opening my email one day, seeing that I had received it, and just feeling so much relief. Because scholarships can be put toward a BYU study abroad, this took a huge weight off my shoulders and helped me actually look forward to the experience instead of just stressing about the price."

Valery Abila

"Receiving a scholarship has blessed my life because not only does it help me financially, but its also a motivating factor for me to continue working hard so that I can show my gratitude for it! The application process was super simple because I just had to fill out a form that I got from scanning a QR code on a flyer in the McKay School. I put my information in that it asked for and it probably took me 2 minutes, or maybe even less! Super easy and totally worth it!"

Anna Glenn

"Receiving my scholarship from the McKay School has been an immense blessing. The family that donated in order to make my scholarship a possibility has allowed me to direct more of my focus on improving my skills as a teacher. Because of my scholarship, the demands of a teacher have become an exciting opportunity to grow and learn as I make my way through my degree."

Elliott Roubicek

"This is my first year being a student of the McKay School and I wasn't expecting to get a scholarship. When the email came in that had received one I just burst into tears. During my time at BYU I have felt at times out of place. Getting a scholarship has blessed my life because it has helped me feel like I belong and deserve to be here. On top of that, the money I would have used towards school is now helping me pay rent and live more stress free."

Like many ambassadors shared, the application is straightforward and quick! We invite you to apply when the application opens (stay tuned by checking in at this link)

If you would like more information on scholarships or on the many amazing majors in the McKay School of Education, meet with a student ambassador to get a student opinion and insights. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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