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Nurturing the Full Potential in Others

As teachers, we have the unique opportunity to nurture the potential of so many children. Beyond the conventional role of imparting knowledge, educators serve as mentors, motivators, and guides on a student's journey of self-discovery. By recognizing and understanding the unique strengths, learning styles, and aspirations of each individual, teachers can work to foster an environment where students can reach their full potential. Hopefully, all of us have felt this from our teachers in the past.

Here are some thoughts from the student ambassadors about their experiences in school and how they plan to nurture the potential of their future students:

Annie Wright: Early Childhood Education

In school, I always felt like my teachers cared about me and my success. However, I could always tell that my third grade teacher made a special effort to challenge me to work harder. During that time, I didn't realize what a difference this would make in my life, but I can certainly see it now. This teacher helped me understand the importance of persevering in a task and staying on top of my work. These skills have stuck with me throughout my life, and I rely on a lot of them today. As a future educator, I plan to get to know my students individually. I think as we work to get to know our students, we have a better ability to push them while still supporting them. I also think it is really important to always remember the true potential of our students. If we don't believe they can do something, they probably wont do it.

Ashley Roberts: Special Education

I have had quite a few great teachers throughout my education. One teacher that I will never forget is my high school band director. He always saw great potential in me, especially when I didn't see it in myself. He pushed me to become better and work harder. He was my band director beginning in 7th grade, and I truly believe that he could see great potential in me then and helped me to achieve it throughout the next 6 years. I plan to do this for my students by praying to see their eternal potentials from the very beginning of the school year. Having this perspective, I feel that I can better plan and love them as Heavenly Father does.

Bethany Gold: Elementary Education

5th grade was my favorite year of elementary school. My teachers were so passionate about what they taught and encouraged me to use my creative talents to show my learning. My teachers nurtured my love of writing through several projects we did throughout the year. It was in that year that I wrote my first "chapter" book. It was 40 pages long and very poorly written, but my teachers praised it nonetheless and encouraged me to keep writing. Even to this day, I love writing and hope to publish a book sometime in my life. As a future teacher, I am hoping to nurture this same potential in my students. I want my future students to use their talents to make the most out of their educational experience. I want to use STEM practices, art projects, writing activities, and more to encourage my students to find and use their passions for good.

Megan Brinton: Elementary Education

Throughout my school experience, particularly in elementary school, I have had many teachers who have made a huge impact on me. When I think of teachers who nurtured my potential, I think of those who cheered me on and encouraged me to do my best, even if I failed. As I am preparing to become an elementary educator, I want my students to feel as though I played a part in nurturing their full potential as well. I will do this by showing my students that I love them enough to push them to do their best and putting in the extra work to help my students reach their full potential. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement and feedback and want my classroom to be a safe space that fosters growth.

Kamora Shelton: Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

Growing up, my passion for physical education was greatly influenced by my high school pole vault coach. Beyond teaching me the technicalities of the sport, Coach became a mentor who nurtured my potential in ways I never imagined. Her unwavering support and belief in my abilities propelled me to try my best both on and off the track. Now, as a future PE teacher, I am inspired by my coach's dedication to her athletes. I want to create a similar impact on my future students, fostering an environment where they feel supported, challenged, and empowered to reach their full potential. Like my coach did for me, I aim to instill not only a love for physical activity but also essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

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