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Nichole Chaffee: World Traveler, Dog Mom, New Advisor

Say hello to our new academic advisor here at the McKay School – Nichole Chaffee! She advises students in the Early Childhood Education program and Elementary Education students with last names M-Z. We love having Nichole with us and we want you to get to know her as well!

Nichole is a BYU graduate raised near Ann Arbor, Michigan, but she has lived in many different places, including Sanford, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; and Midlothian, Virginia before returning to Utah and BYU.

She graduated with a degree in Psychology, which she loved and used all the time while teaching. After graduating, she decided to study to become a high school English teacher, so she went to Eastern Michigan University and obtained a Post-BAC teaching certificate. In 2021, Nichole earned her Master’s in Reading with an Elementary School emphasis from Grand Canyon University.

Spending the majority of the time in 4th and 5th grades, Nichole taught for 10 years in North Carolina; Florida; and Virginia.

Nichole's family is spread across the country, with her parents in Michigan, her younger sister in Nashville, and her brother in Boise, Idaho. In spite of this, she is very close to her family and enjoys talking to them every week.

She loves her dog, Paris and enjoys hiking and going on walks, as well as listening to podcasts, working out, being crafty, volunteering, reading, studying the scriptures, baking, and learning new things!

Nichole is passionate about education, and she loves supporting and encouraging others. In fact, she worked in an orphanage and taught English in Morocco for a summer, and it was the BEST summer of her life.

When asked what she loves about her job, Nichole said, "I love being able to help future teachers. When I was going through all my programs, I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice, insight, or feedback. I felt really alone and unsupported. I loved teaching and being in the classroom, but when I saw this opportunity to be an advisor at the McKay School of Education, it felt right to leave the classroom and help future teachers. I want to be the support for students that I didn’t have. I love seeing the excitement and being able to support and help them reach their dreams and goals of making a difference in the world. I know what it is like in the classroom: the good, the bad, the funny, the crazy, and the challenging. There is no job/career like teaching and there is no place like the classroom. I am loving being able to talk teaching and education, and make a difference with a different student demographic."

Nichole wants MSE students to know that she is here for anything and everything. Her mission statement and motto is: Learn. Grow. Lead. Love. Light.

Early Childhood and Elementary Education majors... come to Nichole! She can help you make a graduation plan, learn more about your future career field, and much more.

To schedule an appointment with Nichole,

contact the advisement office at 801-422-3426 or, or go to MCKB 350.

Is Nichole not your advisor? No worries- you can read more about your advisor here.

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