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Listen Up Future Teachers! Kids Share their Favorite Books!

Everyone has a book they can remember from their childhood, be it "The Cat in the Hat", "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", "The very hungry caterpillar", or one of my personal favorites "No, David!" Most people can remember reading in school or at home. I asked these siblings what their favorite children's books were, and they were very excited to answer.


Alaska is 10 years old and lives in Oregon. After a lot of thought she said, “My favorite book is definitely 'Wings of Fire.' I like that book because it is about dragons, and I really like dragons. It’s a great graphic novel”


Talmage, age 8, is the younger brother of Alaska. when asked what his favorite book was, he had no hesitation. “My favorite book series is the 'I survived….' series. It’s a series about how different kids survived historic events. I like this series because I am reading it with my friends. And it’s cool to hear about how someone survived in those times!”


Axton, the youngest brother to Alaska and Talmage, is 5 years old. Axton can't read yet, but he still has a favorite book! When asked what his favorite book was he said, “My favorite book is 'Wings of Fire.' It has dragons and has pictures and its really cool!"


One of my favorite books from my childhood is "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. This book has been one of my favorites because it gives me hope and determination. When I graduated high school, my mom gave me a copy that I was able to read right before I walked across the stage. One quote in the book stood out to me. It said, "You can steer yourself any direction you choose." Reading this gave me so much determination to keep going in any direction I chose.

Books can be the doorway to different worlds. Axton is a great example of growing to love books and literature even before you can read. I asked all of these siblings how they got into reading and why they love it so much, and they all said that "Nana helped us love it and mom helped us too."

Comment or message us at and tell us about your favorite children's books and share who helped you to love reading!

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