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How Teachers Create Safe Places in the Classroom

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Teachers are on the front lines of the lives of their students. When considering the diverse experiences students face outside of school, it is important to have your classroom prepared and set up as a safe place for your students. Things to consider when thinking about the diverse experiences of our students are: hunger, trauma, loss, mental health, etc.

Now you may be asking, how can I keep my classroom a safe place? We have some ideas!

  • Create a food drawer or coat closet for students in hunger or those who may not be equipped with clothing that is appropriate for the weather

  • Know the signs of abuse. Do your research to be familiar with these signs so you can detect, ask about, and report abuse in your classroom

  • Know the symptoms of grief. Create classroom procedures to help students with grief by creating an environment where they can express their emotions freely

  • Be mindful of mental health and its effect on students. Be familiar with resources to guide the students towards seeking the help they need

  • Create a classroom community by promoting kindness, empathy, and belonging to every student in the classroom

Overall, be mindful of your words and actions as you handle your classroom with care depending on what students may be experiencing in order to create a safe classroom environment. Don't be afraid to collaborate with your fellow teachers and students for ideas on how to improve your classroom environment.

For resources on mental health, click here.

For resources on abuse symptoms, click here.

For resources on grief symptoms, click here.

To meet with an ambassador and learn more about majors in the McKay School, click here.

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