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How Teachers Celebrate Holidays in the Classroom?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Celebrating the holidays in the classroom is fun and exciting for students! It can also be a very educational and culturally valuable learning experience for students. Celebrating students' cultures and observed holidays can help everyone in the classroom feel respected, valued, loved, and included!


A classic classroom Thanksgiving craft is, of course, the hand-traced turkey, with each finger colored in and the thumb as the bird’s head.

Teachers celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom by having students build their own turkey and reading hilarious books with their students such as, "‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving", " Turkey Trouble", "Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks", and many more to show them the importance of being thankful!


Around the holidays, Christmas-themed math is an awesome way to practice the same math concepts but in different ways. Students (and teachers) have a lot of fun making gingerbread houses together and talking about different math concepts like shapes and measurement while making their unique gingerbread house. There are so many ways teachers can connect Christmas activities to core standards and it is an overall fun time for students

There are so many fun and educating ways to celebrate the holidays in the classroom! We love hearing other ideas so feel free to share with us some ways you plan to celebrate the holidays in your future classroom.

Hang in there, Cougs! The holidays are fast approaching and before you know it, Christmas will be here! We wish you good luck on the final stretch of the semester!

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