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Grateful for Teachers


This year we've hosted numerous activities where BYU students have had an opportunity to share why they are grateful for their teachers. Check out below what some of your peers shared about their favorite teachers.

My Teacher:

  • Supported my dreams

  • Always believed in me and inspired me to keep trying, cared about me more than most people. I want to do that for my students.

  • Taught me to value knowledge

  • Inspired me to be a lifelong learner

  • Taught me to be amazed at everything around me

  • Challenged me to be my best

  • Taught me how to think differently about perspectives

  • Helped me improve my writing

  • Taught me to be kind to myself and others

  • Gave me a love for other cultures / languages

  • Demonstrated passion and built confidence

  • Let me struggle with harder topics

  • Taught me to love math

  • Showed me it's okay to have interests in food

  • Took time to answer my questions

  • Shaped my entire career!

  • Helped me discover new talents

This Thanksgiving, as you think about all you're grateful for, make sure to thank your teachers!

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