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Get to Know PETE Student Bailey Johnson

Bailey Johnson is a junior in the Physical Education Teaching/Coaching major here at BYU. She is from Virginia and loves playing softball and any type of water sport. She also enjoys watching baseball and is a huge fan of the Washington Nationals.

When asked why she joined the PETE program Bailey said, "I chose PETE because I really want to give my love of sports and being physically active to the students I will teach." Her favorite part of the PETE program so far has been learning how to teach and play all of the different sports.

Bailey has an extreme love and passion for sports and helping others. This passion, mixed with her positive attitude, is contagious to all of those she comes in contact with. This is a special skill that will help special relationships form between her and her students in the future. Bailey cannot wait to have a class of her own someday!

Bailey's plan after graduation is to move back to Virginia and teach at a school over there. Ideally, she wants to teach middle school but would be excited to teach at any school. Lastly, Bailey expressed how much she loves the PETE program. She stated, "The PETE program is the best out there! It's so much fun and you learn a lot about how to be the best teacher you can be."

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