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Emily Johns–Advisor, Actress, Disney Fanatic

We want to welcome our newest academic advisor, Emily Johns, to BYU! We are excited to have her here and we wanted to take this opportunity to have you meet Emily and learn more about her.

Emily studied Theatre Education at BYU-Idaho and then received a Master's Degree in Theater from Texas Women's University. She thought that she would be in a high school forever teaching about the arts. As you can tell, that wasn't the case. Emily says, "...as I progressed line upon line, relied on personal revelation, and did 'the next right thing,' I was led to this dream job. After working with young adults and in a university setting for years, I knew my life had to revolve around helping students through this unique and incredible phase of life."

So, you might be wondering, what makes this the "dream job" for Emily? She shared with us that her favorite part of her job is "talking to [her] students, hearing their stories, and building relationships with them." In particular, she feels this job helps her to "mourn with those that mourn and [comfort] those that stand in need of comfort, one by one."

Even when Emily is not working, she continues to have fun and love life! She is a born and raised Texan who moved here to Provo in October 2020 with her husband Devin and dog Millie. She loves to sing, dance, play the piano, and act (hence the theater background). She also enjoys cooking, but she loves Chick-Fil-A mac n' cheese even more! Disney is her passion and she is quite the Instagrammer. She wants you to follow her @emmyjean6.

For students choosing their career here at BYU, Emily has two big pieces of advice for you. "#1 Let God prevail... Trust the gifts and passions He has given you and trust that He will take you where He needs you to go... #2 Seek the passion, not the paycheck. Success is more about who you are and how you work with others and less about the money in the bank."

If you are an Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education major with a last name in M-Z, then you are lucky to have Emily as your advisor. Reach out to her! She wants to help you navigate your college experience and counsel you about your goals and concerns. Also, she will answer any questions you have. You can schedule an appointment here!

Is Emily not your advisor? No worries- you can read more about your advisor here.

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