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A Day in the Life of an Elementary Education Intern

Updated: May 1, 2023

Are you considering choosing the internship route of the elementary education program? To get an everyday view of life as an intern, we interviewed Abbey Orr, an Elementary Education major at BYU who is currently an intern at J.R. Smith Elementary as a first-grade teacher.

Here is a look into Abbey Orr's schedule and what your schedule could possibly look like if you choose to do an internship:

8:00 am - Arrive at J.R. Smith Elementary

8:40 am - School Begins

9:30 am - calendar time, then recess

10:00 am - Snack Time and Read The One and Only Ivan

10:10 am- Literacy block: phonemic awareness, phonics, and mentor read

11:00 am - Tier Two time (teachers split classes into groups and help groups on skills they need to focus on)

11:25 am - Students complete a Must Do/May Do list and independent working time

12:00 pm - Lunch and Recess

1:05 pm - Math Block

1:55 pm - Students go to Specials (humanities classes)

3:10 pm - Clean up and get ready to leave

3:20 pm- Students leave, then lesson plan

4:30pm/5:00pm - Go Home!

The life of an intern is a busy one, but in the words of Abbey, "every day you are needed; and the students are coming to see you."

An internship can sound intimidating. However, it is an opportunity to do exactly what you love with the help of a mentor teacher and BYU! It is a chance to do exactly what you've been preparing and waiting to do!

Abbey strongly believes that an internship really prepares you to become a teacher because it places you in the shoes of a teacher and gives you the role. Her last piece of advice is, "if you are debating on doing an internship, do it!"

If you want to find out more about internships, you can read more about them on the Education Advisement website Or you can watch our Frequently Asked Questions videos.

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