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Student Teach Abroad

Updated: May 1, 2023

Have you ever wanted to study outside of Utah? Or maybe even the country? The McKay School offers unique student teaching opportunities in three different out-of-state locations. Through NISTP (National and International Student Teaching Program), education majors have the opportunity to teach in Washington D.C., Houston, or China.

Washington D.C.

Teaching in Washington D.C. provides a multicultural experience right in the heart of America. BYU students teach in the D.C. Public Schools (DCPS), which are located in the center of Washington D.C. They have the opportunity to work downtown as they learn new methods of teaching and helping their students, no matter where they come from. To top it off, BYU students can choose to stroll through the National Mall, visit historical sites, view national monuments, and stop by many of the the national museums on the weekends!

For more information on doing your student teaching in Washington D.C., click here.

Houston, Texas

For those of you interested in working with students who speak other languages, this is the place to teach! Houston student teaching offers BYU students the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students, many of whom are English Language Learners. Those that complete their student teaching in Texas are placed in a school in the Aldine Independent School District, which is located only 17 miles north of downtown Houston. If you are looking to go big (because everything's bigger in Texas!), this is the place for you to do your student teaching!

For more information on doing your student teaching in Houston, click here.

Check out the video below for an insight on one student's experience teaching in Texas!

Guangzhou, China

Don't speak Chinese? Don't worry! BYU students who choose to do their student teaching in China work in the Canadian International School, The Clifford School. On weekends, BYU students have the opportunity to travel, visiting locations such as the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, and cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai! While at school, prospective teachers work in international classes, learning from mentor teachers and helping students from all over the world.

For more information on doing your student teaching in China, click here.

For more information on student teaching abroad, visit our webpage for NISTP.

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